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Eating is the best option to recharge, isn’t it? This is why we always recommend young people, their family and friends to make a quick escape to the Mactan Island and head straight to Mactan Alfresco for the best food to recharge yourself with.

This Singaporean-inspired hawker center is located near the entrance of The Mactan Newtown. Being a giant gazebo near the beach and an open-air food strip at the same time, Mactan Alfresco does not appear to be your ordinary restaurant. The dining experience is extraordinary, too, given the following food choices you can find there:


There is no better way to start the food trip than with seafood on the plate. Mactan Alfresco has the freshest seafood in town.

Choobi Choobi is one of the establishments present at the Mactan Alfresco that specializes in seafood. Their specialty includes Chilean mussels in a bag and shrimps in a bag that come with boiled corn on the cob available in exciting flavours like butter garlic, cajun, sauteed in garlic and spicy gata (coconut milk).

You will surely crave for more because Choobi Choobi also offers tuna, lobsters, squids, clam, and mussels, among many others. They take pride in operating their own shrimp farms in different parts of Cebu.

Grilled seafood and barbecue

If you are into grilled food, take the few steps from Choobi Choobi to Mama Linda and Manang Sayong. Both establishments specialize in grilled pork, liver, native chorizo, squid and fish like grouper (lapu-lapu), island mackerel (anduhaw) and parrotfish (molmol).

Aside from Mama Linda and Manang Sayong, Orange Karenderia is another establishment at the Mactan Alfresco that offers juicy and stuffed barbecue.

Manok bisaya

The epic food trip would be incomplete without the manok bisaya session. Who would want to miss this home-grown delicacy? We bet you won’t.

In Mactan Alfresco, Conching offers the roasted native chicken, locally known as Manok Bisaya that is best paired with puso (rice wrapped in buri or banana leaf) and best eaten with bare hands.

Boneless chicken

If you are into chicken, why not try it boneless? At the Mactan Alfresco, Orange Karenderia offers the must-try Betsy’s Garlic Chicken, a special boneless chicken coupled with an equally special sauce. It will surely make you say, “Extra rice, please”.

Sizzling dishes

Just a few steps from Conching is Mama Linda Inato BBQ Haus. Aside from grilled seafood and barbecue, they also offer sizzling dishes. Their specialty dishes include sizzling gambas, beef, pork, squid, seafood and chicken feet.

They also have crab ala king in chili sauce, crispy pata, garlic shrimp, garlic crab, steamed lapu-lapu fish, and sweet and spicy sugpo.


You will miss half of your life if you won’t get the chance to taste the best lechon in town. What’s a Cebuano meal without our very own lechon?

We’re sure your cravings will be satisfied with the boneless lechon from the three best lechonan in Cebu: Ana’s, Ayer’s and Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly.

Mexican food

The food trip doesn’t stop until you get to taste the Mexican cuisine at MexiMama. This simply reflects The Mactan Newtown’s promise of fun, excitement and variety, even in food.

MexiMama offers affordable Mexican food imported from Los Angeles and Mexico. It combines casual dining experience by the beach with authentic Mexican flavors.

You and your companions can share their delectable Nachos en Salsa Roja and other savory offering like Chuletas, a Mexican marinated pork chop with mango jalapeno and pineapple salsa. Also try MexiMama’s tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and fresh flour tortillas.

Whether you are going for a date, group date with family and friends or just want quality time with your self by the beach, the food at the Mactan Alfresco will surely make your taste buds and tummy perfectly happy.

Time to recharge, don’t you think? Drop by Mactan Alfresco.

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