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When we speak of fitness, many of us are sure to think of black-and-metal gyms and bulging muscles, of purple yoga mats and hands raised to the sky and of red oval tracks and bright-colored shoes in a friendly race. Our imagination often falls short of age brackets when, in fact, fitness is encouraged for all, including children.

Many experts have pushed for play as an early childhood developmental tool. We’re not talking about video games. We mean the out-of-the-house time to get physical, if not dirty, as kids climb ropes or skip over them or make an imaginary wild fortress out of a sturdy slide, laughingly pursuing fictional enemies with a passion that is amazingly fierce for their small figures.

We are one with these experts when they say that play and the facilities that promote play, such as a playground, nurture not just development of motor skills and self-help skills among children but also promote relaxation, enjoyment, fun, tension reduction and love of life.

This is why when we planned and designed One Pacific Residence, one of the high-rise luxurious development projects in The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, we at Megaworld did not forget the fitness and development needs of the children of our investors.

We created a playground for them. This one is special for the following reasons:

It is safe and sound

The equipment—swings, slides, seesaws and monkey bars, among others—installed are ensured so that the children gain maximum advantage from the facility and their parents can be assured of its safety.

The playground is located within One Pacific Residence, a secure residential project that is located in a guarded integrated urban township that is The Mactan Newtown.

This also means that you, as a resident, will be familiar with other children in the neighborhood who are interacting with your child in a group play. Having this multiple and collaborative layers of protection is decidedly one of the best things we can give to the children as they learn how to get along with others, how they process their thoughts, engage in compromise and handle conflicts in a playground, a microcosm of real life.

It is convenient

Because of the location of the playground, which is right outside your unit’s door, there is enough time for children to play. By this, we mean that their cognitive, language and physical skills are sure to develop when they are given enough time to set up their play scenes, take roles and portray their naturally flowing story using the playground equipment.

When you watch over your children, you will be able to witness with pride the progress of the development of their concentration, self-confidence, imagination, and social skills as they carry out stories that are as unique as their personalities.

It is well-equipped

Children can be naturally resourceful. If they can make a story out of a five-foot sand of a castle that bears their names as the rulers, then imagine what stories they can build out of a swing or a seesaw.

The playground at One Pacific Residence is well-equipped, but it is made brighter and bigger by the children who use it. This is one of those special places to watch your kids grow when they play with toys that encourage them to express their emotions and physical energies or build lasting friendships with other children on the block.

Therefore, the playground is important to us. Do your part and include play into your child’s schedule. Encourage them to make use of the playground at One Pacific Residence.

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