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Do you know what makes a condominium children’s pool so appealing? The squeals of little children wading through water or running along the poolside; they are a true epitome of persons who know how to live in the present.

Even the innocent smile of a sweet child could break through the heart of a usually cold-hearted man. How much more with this picture: Children adorably covered in their bright red and pink swimwear dragging motley floats and colorful life jackets with cartoon prints and racing with their siblings for a splash in the pool.

Sometimes, you can see them looking frustrated when their race is temporarily interrupted by quick reminders from their parents. Yet after this brisk episode, even when look endearingly funny in their full-bodied swimming costumes, you can’t help but revel at the imagination they can ignite.

At One Pacific Residence, the luxurious everyday vacation home for families that is developed by Megaworld in The Mactan Newtown in Mactan Island, we have this condominium children’s pool dedicated to unraveling the creativity and imagination of your children.

Nurture your children’s imagination

How children weave stories in their heads is incredibly infinite. One moment they could be making gossamer palaces out of pool bubbles, the next moment they could be pretending to be mermaids with golden tails.

Another moment they could come to you, asking for help to stop the evil person who could be a cousin taking the role. Or they could become superheroes pretending to save a younger sibling who is calmly drifting around the kiddie pool in his shade-equipped float.

No matter where their imagination takes them, nurture it. Imagination is like muscle; one has to keep it exercised. The children’s pool is a recommendable venue for your children to actively pursue their stories and see them through the end. You would be surprised at what tales their young minds could conjure.

While at the condominium children’s pool, you can engage with your child in a proper conversation, asking him questions to prompt him gently to convey his thoughts and ideas. In fact, you can even supply the start of a story and encourage him to act it out and end it according to his imagination.

As the adult, you can even create a fellowship of young children willing to take on your creative story and play it out in the pool in their signature loud voices and heart-turning laughter and cries.

Another go-to place

The condominium children’s pool is your kids’ fun space, a welcome break from technology and a reconnection with their playful spirit that is innate in them. This one facility of the many health-oriented recreational amenities at One Pacific Residence can be the go-to place for parents to ease their children who are prone to tantrums. In all your children’s processes of exploring their environment, always provide them with safe supplies.

More important is that this condominium children’s pool can be the go-to place for your children who need to be exposed to sunlight, fresh air and more physical and imagination exercise.

This go-to place comes together with the unit you will acquire at One Pacific Residence as part of your family’s condo living and sanctuary as you live by the beach.

Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today!

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