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When you’re getting on with the years, you may find your body easily tired with physical exertion. The mere thought of not being able walk longer than the time you spent hiking in the mountains when you were younger may be frustrating to you. Aging has certain limitations and it comes with you slowing down.

But at One Pacific Residence, there is no option to slow down. While you may have a different ability level compared to your peers, you may still regularly participate in physical activities, making use of the long list of exciting recreational facilities easily accessible within this luxurious condominium project of Megaworld.

One Pacific Residence is conveniently located within the secure premises of The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. Its variety of recreational amenities allows you to join in a good game at the tennis court or in a good stretching at the tai chi area or in a soft-impact muscle work at the aqua gym pool or in your-own-pace jog at the jogging path.

There is one other facility we highly recommend for you to try out to support your desire to be active: our spa. Here, you can get regular massage therapy to manage and even prevent age-related diseases. It is no hidden fact that this form of activity enables older people to feel younger, healthier and more balanced.

Massage therapy is for everyone

This is where the idiom “different strokes for different folks” can be applied. Massage for retirees is therefore possible but the degree of the pressure applied may differ on specific points of the body compared to the younger generation. Also, there may be different and more gentle techniques involved, such as stretching and tapping while the pressure is just enough to make the activity safe yet effective for an older person.

Even with this, the activity points to one positive direction, based on studies—massage facilitates communication and relaxation, natural lubrication of joints and pain management. Studies even go as far as saying that massage is an effective therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients while more studies suggest that it is a recommended method to keep the body and mind stimulated to prevent people with reduced physical activities from getting depressed, which could lead to contracting age-related diseases.

Massage therapy is good for your health

If we haven’t convinced you to jump onto a spa bed for a long good kneading yet, this one might:

As you age, how often do you feel pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints, especially after a rigorous physical activity? If this happens a lot, seriously consider a massage therapy since it can help reduce inflammation-related pain in your joints. Restoring your joint motion enhances your performance of your daily activities. In the process, you earn increased independence and peace of mind.

Health-wise, older individuals who undergo regular massage say that they are able to sleep deeper and longer, giving their body more time to regenerate and repair itself. As a result, a more positive state of well-being is highly possible for them.

Massage therapy positively affects socialization

The internal benefits of massage therapy can extend well beyond yourself—from having an enhanced quality of life and self-confidence to gaining a sense of companionship you can derive from a visit to a spa and to your massage therapist whose human touch plays a vital role in the healing effect that comes with massage therapy. Consequently, this produces positive psychological effects.

If you are pregnant or have an unexplained pain, we advise that you discuss the pros and cons of massage with your doctor first.

If you are indeed qualified for such activity, dive into a bed at the spa of One Pacific Residence and enjoy life to the fullest as you age gracefully.

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