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When you think of Jacuzzi, what comes to your senses? For our part, we know it evokes warmth, comfort and pleasure while in the middle of the soft pittering of bubbling water that filled a sturdy acrylic hot tub. This, as you listen to some old melodies or hear the birds full of song or simply envelop yourself with calming silence.

General thoughts about Jacuzzi are simply positive. One thing is for sure; you deserve such place after working hard for years. As you age, your body clamors for more comfort and more pleasure. Your mind may still be alert, your heart full of passion, but your body, the vitality of which may not be the same compared to at least five years ago, may ask for more rest.

This is one of the reasons we set up a condo Jacuzzi roofed with tensile structure at One Pacific Residence, one of Megaworld’s condo projects at The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City. It is a luxurious accessory for your condo living.

We understand the physical strain as a result of accomplishing your tasks and other commitments that is coupled with sitting too long on your hardback office chair. At the end of the week, tap yourself for a job well done then go to our condo Jacuzzi to set aside gyrations of thoughts and simply relax.

By sitting in the whirlpool for a period of time, you can gain several benefits, both physical and mental. You can refresh your mind by zoning out as your body acquires mobility and strength from the buoyancy and from doing some light exercise underwater.

At One Pacific Residence, you don’t have to think about what it feels to be dipping in a condo Jacuzzi anytime you want. You can actually experience being in one in your condo living. While natural hot springs are popular tourist destinations around the country, you can have your own version of a hot spring by soaking in a well-designed and safe hot tub in your condo and gain the same health benefits for your body.

The condo jacuzzi can make you experience the following:

Jacuzzi relieves stress

After a long tiring day, you can treat yourself by staying at your own jacuzzi. The bubbling of the Jacuzzi helps you soothe your work-induced stress.

In addition, instead of going to reflexology clinics, you can place your feet directly in front of the water jets to experience a soothing massage. Your feet contain thousands of nerve endings, and their stimulation can actually improve your well-being and mood. You now have your do-it-yourself reflexology massage.

Jacuzzi eases muscle pain

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of treating yourself not over a drink or two but over a splash of your own Jacuzzi. It doesn’t just relieve stress but it is also an effective way of treating your sore muscles and joints.

By simply moving around and adjusting your body in the Jacuzzi, you receive the equal full force of the water that lets you experience the high-pressure hydro massage.

As you sit in your condo Jacuzzi, the heat massages your whole body. This can help you soothe the strain in your muscles and joints and speed up their recovery.

Jacuzzi improves blood circulation

When you soak yourself in the hot water of your own Jacuzzi at home, this improves your blood circulation because it dilates blood vessels.

What is more soothing is that when you secure yourself a unit at One Pacific Residence, you can have the condo jacuzzi at your own pace. It is the perfect amenity for a hardworking professional like you.

Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today!

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