Moving Your Way Around

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Since this happens to some people we know, we wonder if this, too, is a fact of your life: You work hard through long days. You indulge in a lot of good food and give in to sweet gastronomic temptations to reward yourself for jobs well done, as part of your self-motivation technique. Sometimes, there’s… Read more »

Your Best Holiday Getaway In Your Own Condo

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When the cool breeze of December sparks your holiday spirit, this only means that everyone’s favorite time of the year has rolled around again—Christmas time! This is the most wonderful time of the year to be merry and gay, and the best excuse to grant one of the wishes you listed on your endless Christmas… Read more »

Because You Deserve A Break

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condo living

Many beautiful things do not come for free, but the perks they provide are…and they’re priceless, too. The sunken lounge at One Pacific Residence is like that. When you miss the moments the sun sets down and splashes mixed colors of violet, orange, yellow and gray across the canvas of a sky because you are… Read more »

Swim Like an Olympian

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condominium pool

When the sea breeze sways in through your balcony and taunts you to take a long dip in the pool, you can easily get up, put on your swim gear, grab a towel and walk to the condominium pool glittering under the sun. Sounds like a dream, right? As dreamy as it sounds, we want… Read more »

The Healing Benefits Of A Spa

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One Pacific Residence

When you’re getting on with the years, you may find your body easily tired with physical exertion. The mere thought of not being able walk longer than the time you spent hiking in the mountains when you were younger may be frustrating to you. Aging has certain limitations and it comes with you slowing down…. Read more »

Rockin’ High With Life

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Coming face to face with a climbing wall can provoke a multitude of emotions. There is the excitement of hanging on to the grips while relentlessly pushing yourself up to the top. There is, too, the nervousness, if not doubt, over your physical and mental capability of overcoming such a challenging barrier. Whatever your emotions… Read more »

Swing to Ring Your Bod

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tennis court

Sitting for hours before a computer, travelling for hours on end to go home or to head to another city for a meeting…That feels stiff enough already just thinking about it. It is nature’s order that your body needs coordination and balance. It needs you to move around and be active. So when you come… Read more »

The Dip Fit

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aqua gym pool

Seeing a swimmer conquering the lengths of a pool back and forth can evoke several impressions that are not all good especially if you are an occasional exercise detractor. One, while you aware about the long list of health benefits when it comes to exercising in water, swimming lengths can be repetitive, if not dull…. Read more »

Beachcombing With A Phone And A Headset

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call center in Lapu-Lapu City

Telephones are ringing and busy people are buzzing like bees with their headsets on. Sounds like another typical day for you at your call center company. Wait. You look outside your glass window and see trees swaying lightly with the wind and the sea projecting its spledor. Seems like your day is not typical after… Read more »