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condominium poolWhen the sea breeze sways in through your balcony and taunts you to take a long dip in the pool, you can easily get up, put on your swim gear, grab a towel and walk to the condominium pool glittering under the sun. Sounds like a dream, right? As dreamy as it sounds, we want this picture to be a daily occurrence for our investors!

This picture is truly possible, especially when you are residing at One Pacific Residence in Megaworld’s The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City that features a lap pool among its exciting list of recreational amenities.

When you have a swimming pool designed specifically for swimming laps, take it as your daily companion for you to be a better swimmer. When your condominium pool is 20 meters long, take it as your cheerleader for you to adopt the disciplined attitude of an athlete and eventually be able to swim like an Olympian.

You don’t need to engage in a tough competition. But you can reap the many benefits of swimming, among them are:

Enhanced flexibility and increased muscle strength and tone

Since your body goes through a wide range of motion while in the pool, your joints and ligaments stay loose and flexible.

While the pool is considered an ideal place to ease stiff muscles and sore joints, it is also the go-to place for a regular workout that will mobilize your arms and legs through resistance exercise, building your muscles and increasing your strength in the process.

Weight control

Moving through water can make you burn calories. This means you can control and achieve your ideal weight. A 10-minute swim can make you burn at least 60 calories. When you keep swimming back and forth through the lap pool for 30 minutes a day, just imagine how many calories you could possibly lose!

Improved health

In general, swimming improves your health, and it especially strengthens your heart. It can also reduce risks of coronary heart disease and diabetes, avoid asthma attacks and improve cholesterol.

The bottom line? Swimming regularly gives you a shot at leading a longer life. In fact, research suggests that men and women engaged in swimming had a 50 percent lower death rate compared to runners, walkers and people who are not exercising.

The lap pool at One Pacific Residence is spacious and crafted with a well thought out design, allowing our residents to swim back and forth for as many laps as they want. Since it is located just within the high-rise luxurious development project, investors can consider this condominium pool as their personal exercise pool where they can go for a swim anytime to stay fit and healthy.

Also, this pool is the best option next to the beach. The Mactan Newtown in itself goes by the concept of Live-Work-Play-Learn by the beach, owing to its strategic location along the seashore. If your happy place today is not the beach, but you still crave for a quick splash, you can always hit the lap pool, get energized and maintain your fitness.

Maintain the active and healthy lifestyle you deserve. Reserve a unit of One Pacific Residence today and enjoy our No Reservation Fee promo. This promo is extended until July 31, 2016.

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