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When you have lived long enough in a crowded and polluted place, you can know the distinct difference between living in one and residing in a secure haven with less noise, a nature’s view and more fresh air.

The latter is always preferred, of course. In fact, it is the dream of many for themselves and for their families. Did you know it’s possible at One Pacific Residence in Megaworld‘s The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City?

While the high-rise development project offers a variety of exciting physical and sports facilities, it also has a long shoreline that awaits for your stomp with an oomph. We mean that you can extend your recreational activities to the beach at anytime. This, we’re sure, will let you experience how heavenly living by the beach is in contrast to inhabiting an area fraught with noise, trash and other unwanted elements.

Having a beach near you, or living by the beach, poses a lot of advantages for you. We listed some below (and, mind you, we only scratched the surface of the list of what you can do):

Have a swim

A beach is almost synonymous to swimming. It is a welcome respite after you have been cooped up for so long due to work or health reasons.

Have a try at skimboarding

Improve your speed and balance and put your skimboard to good use. Or you can simply indulge the adventurous and fun spirit in you and glide across the sand while catching the waves near the shore.

Have a pet walk

This is the best place you can bond with your animal best friend by walking along the beach. If you plan on teaching your pets some tricks, this is also another best place for you to do it.

Have a picnic

How about a picnic at the beach? What’s not to love about sitting out by the beach, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food? Planning a picnic is just like planning a little party. An extra effort for a special someone always goes a long way.

Have a drink

If you find a picnic too fanciful for you, you can simply get your friends over for some drinks, good food and really great talk. Then you can all play Frishbee or volleyball by the beach.

Have a romantic walk

If you don’t have enough time to prepare for a picnic, well, you can still enjoy the day. Imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one along the sea-swept beach. We say it’s romantic and absolutely recommendable.

Have a romantic dinner

Better yet, you can cap your walk with a romantic candlelit dinner or stop by Mactan Alfresco, a gazebo food strip near the entrance of The Mactan Newtown, for some delicious food and drinks.

Have a reflection hour

If you are not into romantic scenes and group dates, you might want to simply relax all by yourself. Lying down on the sand with a preferred book in hand is the perfect treat you can give to your self.

Have fun with beach volleyball

This is the best time to have fun at the beach by getting active. Invite your family, friends and even neighbors for a beach volleyball game. It is also a great way to stay healthy and fit.

Have a good time at chasing

But if you’re not into beach volleyball, try a chasing game. And make the consequences for the it fun and unique!

Have your eye’s fill of the sun

As an ender to any day, enjoy gazing at the sunset by yourself or with a company. Relax and take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is going to be another exciting day to live and play by the beach.

Don’t forget that if living by the beach gets too much on your skin, you can always try the tennis court or the jogging path or the aqua gym pool or the wall climbing area and many more recreational amenities, all at One Pacific Residence.

Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today and enjoy a 5% discount.

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