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Sitting for hours before a computer, travelling for hours on end to go home or to head to another city for a meeting…That feels stiff enough already just thinking about it. It is nature’s order that your body needs coordination and balance. It needs you to move around and be active.

So when you come home to a place like One Pacific Residence in Megaworld’s The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, don’t just dump your stuff on the counter and yourself on the couch. Get your muscles moving!

A wide catalog of recreational sports facilities is just waiting right outside your doorstep. One of them is a tennis court where you can engage in various types of play. Sounds fun already, right?

Because of this, it is not surprising why several condominium owners want a tennis court in their midst. They can just pick up a racquet and get another family member or some friends to join them in good sport.

Either way, it boils down to stretching the muscles after a long time of inactivity and socializing with others.

For the health

Essentially, playing tennis is another preferred workout to satisfy your active lifestyle. The preference is a result of the health benefits you can gain from playing it, including toning your muscles, improving your strength and flexibility and increasing your reaction times.

It can also lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure as well as body fat. Playing an hour-long game of singles tennis can burn an estimated 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women.

Making the tennis court part of your recreational destinations once a week can surely help maintain your health, balance and fitness.

For the psyche

Tennis is not just a bodily sport. Your mind is also working when you pay attention to every single move your opponent makes and when you start thinking of strategies on how to score.

Apart from this, playing tennis can assist you in controlling your stress effectively, teach you more about teamwork and enable you to communicate clearly with your partner, or, if you’re in a singles game, teach you about true sportsmanship.

When we take the game of tennis to a metaphoric level, swinging from left to right at the tennis court is resonant of how you should take action to strike your personal targets.

Playing tennis is one good key toward fitness. By being able to drive your body and mind, you see a perfect picture of one being in the state of good health.

This is the kind of state of health One Pacific Residence wants its residents to experience.

When you reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today, you will enjoy a 5% discount and, pretty soon, a tennis court you can call your own.  

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