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This is an easy thing to experience when you’re living by the beach: A freshly-brewed coffee in the morning, a blanket of sun’s warmth, the sight and sound of sea waves lapping the white shore.

This, too, is an easy thing to have, after a welcome ring of the alarm clock on your bedside table: An introspective air by the balcony, the pleasurable sappiness of sunrise, the dulcet view of modern architecture.

What is more delightful is that the charming township, Megaworld‘s The Mactan Newtown, where your cozy little corner at the One Pacific Residence stands offers a wide expanse that is just waiting for your agenda. On a free day, the list of things you can do is long and exciting, like the list below. It is just a matter of embracing the warmth of the sun and mingling your spirit with the sounds of the waves.


Under a heartening blue sky, biking is the best option to do around a luxurious community. Enjoy the open. The moment you step on the pedal is the moment your township adventure at The Mactan Newtown starts. Relish the fresh air. Admire the resplendent view. Stop by a store or eat at Mactan Alfresco. Let biking give you enough sun exposure and mint air that you would miss on a regular workday while cooped up in an office.


Jogging by the beach or around the township is the next best thing to do while listening to your favourite tunes. You can do it at any time, too, without spending much for anything. It strengthens your bones and improves cardiovascular fitness. You can even jog with your families and pets.

Engaging in sports

Would it not be a waste to have good space and not use it wisely? Spill out your social juices and get friends or neighbors to volley or dunk balls or do laps at the pool or try out the spic-and-span exercise machines or even play native games with children.

There is also the option of challenging your friends in  a merry game of Frisbee by the beach (and letting them win) or putting on a sturdy harness and hoisting yourself up for a demanding climb on the wall at One Pacific Residence. Any sport or physical activity can go a long way for your mine of good memories and bucket of to-do lists.

Relaxing at the spa

The perfect answer to put out your stress? Go to the spa. Make the choice to settle an hour or two in a sanctuary of lulling music and aromatherapy and forget your work woes. Your brain cells and office muscles deserve their rest, too. Getting soused in a spa also offers a lot of health benefits like detoxifying and getting rid of body aches.

Learn Japanese arts

Today is always the best time to learn new activities that you can add to your list of kinetic hobbies. Knowing Ikebana and origami is a good start. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging that focuses on form and balance while origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes. Doing these activities could improve your creativity.

Dipping in the water

Thinking of where to go at The Mactan Newtown? Definitely the beach. The beachfront is as tempting as it gets so it is only right for you to put on your swimsuit and jump into the cool clear waters.

Thinking of where to go at One Pacific Residence? Definitely any of its long list of recreational facilities. Some of them include the 20-meter-long lap pool, pool deck lounge, Jacuzzi, aqua gym pool, and outdoor shower area.

Immerse in different worlds

Free time also means catching up on your favourite novels or grabbing the TV remote control like a magic wand and your answer to a relaxing time ahead.

At One Pacific Residence, there is definitely no excuse for you to get bored because its location and amenities make fun an easy thing to have.

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