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Cebu Mountaineering Alliance, Inc. (CMA) headed by Outdoor Perspective gears up this year’s Lunatrek Full Moon Adventure Festival this coming September 26 – 27 with a kick-off event at the Newtown Beach Club.

This year’s Lunatrek, also dubbed as Lunatrek: The Ruins, will not only be as exciting as it was last year but it will also set out on one of its unusual locations – the beach. For every three years, the organization sets the event’s venue at a shoreline. This time, The Mactan Newtown – a township project of Megaworld Corporation, opens its Newtown Beach Club to all camping enthusiasts and seasoned mountaineers for an all-night adventure of thrilling activities such as henna tattoo contest, mini adventure race, moonlight boodle fight, and many more. Joiners will enjoy these activities while savoring the waves and sandy atmosphere of the beach along with a live music from the local bands.

There are also learning experiences to look forward to in this year’s under-the-moon escapade. CMA will be facilitating an educational talk on environmental awareness and a session about Basic Mountaineering Course to those who just started learning the sport.

Lunatrek is an annual Full Moon Adventure Awareness event organized by the leading mountaineers in Cebu aiming to help fund the community projects for various mountain communities, impart leadership and outdoor survival trainings, promote environmental awareness, and feature the natural tourist wonders of Cebu.

For more details, see poster below:

Poster Lunatrek Posting

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