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investing on a condominium

The year is almost coming to an end and a new year will soon greet us. This is the perfect time to reflect on things that the year has brought us and what goals we want to set for ourselves in the next one. It’s the best time to draft your New Year’s Resolution list.

Aside from health and fitness goals, financial goals and career goals, there is one very important thing that you should not forget to include – your financial and investment goals. And what better way is there to cross off this list other than investing in a condominium unit?

So let your resolution for the New Year be to look for the best condominium unit to invest in. To help you with that, here are some of the top things that you should make sure your prospective property has:


The three most important factors you need to consider in picking the best condo investment are the facilities, service, and features offered by the condominium project. These three will determine the quality of living you will have in that community. The best condo would be one that has it all – from basic facilities such as 24-hour security service and standby generator, features like a mailroom and parking areas and additional facilities such as a gym, culinary station, fitness center and pool.

The One Pacific Residence at The Mactan Newtown has all these and more. Living here, you will have all that you need right in your own community.


A condo that is part of a community that values education is a great place to live in. For families who have little ones who are, or soon will be going to school, this is an important factor to consider.

At The Mactan Newtown, we will soon have The Newtown School of Excellence. This is a state-of-the-art institution that works with the Lasallian Schools Supervision Office (LASSO). Families will have the convenience of sending their children to a school that provides quality education and is part of the community.


One obvious sign of progress is having businesses set up shop in an area, and being part of growing community is a huge plus for homeowners and investors alike. This is why it’s important to also look into a condominium that is surrounded with thriving businesses. Investing in a condominium with its own business hub would be a great move.

In Cebu, the anticipated next big business hub will be hosted by The Mactan Newtown. Having been declared as an economic zone by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, it follows suit in the footsteps of Manila’s Eastwood City and McKinley Hill.


Everybody wants to live in a community that also offers leisure, entertainment, and recreational opportunities to its residents. While there may be some days you may want to stay holed up inside your home, there will be days that you will long for some fun. And wouldn’t it be great if you could just step outside your building to do all that? A condominium that makes this possible is a great one to invest in.

The Mactan Newtown, being a township of Megaworld, infuses all these into their community. Megaworld has successfully done so in its other residential developments.

To end up with the best investment, the unit needs to have all these four factors. Most condominiums in Cebu don’t so you may think you will have a difficult time choosing the best candidate for the condominium. One may have two or even three of them, but not all four.

Good thing there’s The Mactan Newtown. Aside from having all the four listed above, The One Pacific Residence at The Mactan Newtown even offers gorgeous views of the Mactan Bay and Hilutungan Channel. You can wake up every morning to a magnificent view and knowing that you are at home with everything that you need.

Reserve a unit today at One Pacific Residence so you can live, learn, work, and play at the beach!

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