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Cebu condo

When you find yourself travelling to a certain destination for a longer period to negotiate or close business deals, to train branch employees or to oversee the dyed-in-the-wool geographical expansion of your company, you might want to consider acquiring a condo unit and call it a second home away from home.

A condo unit is simply a haven for work and rendezvous, especially when you get one at One Pacific Residence where security is strong and the long array of recreational amenities are more than enough to fill in the days when you are not punching the keys of your laptop or knitting your eyebrows together when talking to contractors and employees.

As an expat or travelling manager, the first thing you need when you are planning to live and work in Cebu for an extended period is a place to stay. Rather than renting an apartment, we suggest that you choose Cebu condo living. Besides, staying in a hotel can be very expensive.

We have explained the difference between apartment rental and condo living in a separate article. Basically, the difference boils down to the price factor, security, maintenance, and amenities. What you must remember, though, that condo living may require you to let go of your hidebound character and be open and flexible to future possibilities, such as having your family visit you during holidays when you are caught up with work or having your company boss fly from headquarters to check on your work. Condo living gives you ease and convenience by flushing away your dread of thieves who could torment your family and trepidation over where to treat your boss.

At One Pacific Residence, while you are working in an office corner of your condo unit, you have these options and more.

For the family:

  • Jacuzzi. Relieve the stress and muscle pains your wife or husband could possibly acquire from watching over the children with the condo jacuzzi.
  • Children’s Pool. Nurture your children’s imagination and widen their circle of friends at the condo children’s pool.
  • Swimming Pool. Say no to separation anxiety by spending more time with your family at the condo swimming pool.
  • 20-meter Lap Pool. Watch and support your teenage children swimming like an Olympian at the condo 20-meter lap pool.
  • Playground. Bond with your kids and observe how they communicate and interact with others at the condo playground.

For the boss:

  • Sunken Lounge. Stay away from the noise of the metropolis by having an informal meeting with your boss at the condo sunken lounge.
  • Jogging Path. You can also have your corporate discussion through a brisk walk at the condo jogging path.
  • Spa. Treat your boss to a night of relaxed muscles and lubricated joints at the condo spa.
  • Climbing Wall. Together with your boss, conquer negativity and increase social interaction at the condo climbing wall.
  • Tennis Court. Work your sweat out with your boss at the tennis court.

Ultimately, what makes One Pacific Residence more memorable is the beach next to it where you can spend a barbecue day and play by the beach with your family or comb the sand with your boss and work by the beach.

So if you’re coming for Cebu condo living, treat yourself to a Cebu condo unit inside Megaworld’s The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City.

Reserve a unit today at One Pacific Residence, which would definitely be the best gift for yourself.

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