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We often wonder how Lapu-Lapu, the first known Philippine hero, would react now, beholding the city named after him. Would he exclaim, “Ah, that’s my city!” with undeniable pride? Or would he only nod agreeably and tell the people of Lapu-Lapu City to carry on?

In our state of mind, which is charged and optimistic, we see Lapu-Lapu’s facial lines crinkling with quiet pleasure, his mouth up in a smile and his eyebrows going up and down in affirmation, as if expressing, “Good job, Lapu-Lapu City!”

This imagined reaction of one of our legendary heroes comes with good reason.

As billions of pesos is being poured to cement the country’s iconic airport, large companies are growing developments like strategically-placed mushrooms within the city. They come in the form of export-oriented manufacturing companies, posh resorts and business process outsourcing offices.

Your integrated township

For our part, Megaworld’s initial investment through The Mactan Newtown has increased, manifesting just how favorable the business climate in Lapu-Lapu City is.

The Mactan Newtown is a master-planned integrated township that sits on a 28-hectare expanse. It combines office spaces, leisure centers, condominiums, retail shops, and sports facilities to offer investors the one-stop destination they need for the live-work-play-learn lifestyle.

Surrounding the beach-side township, large resorts are doing major facelift and shopping malls and retails outlets are being opened. They add to the attractiveness of the city and to the reasons you must find your place inside our mega community.

For example, a stone’s throw away from the beach inside The Mactan Newtown stands One Pacific Residence that is designed as your strongest supporter of your active and healthy lifestyle.

Long list of recreational amenities

One Pacific Residence boasts of a long list of recreational amenities that include lap pool, sunken lounge, aqua gym pool, culinary station, tennis court, gym, wall climbing area, jogging path and yoga and tai chi area, among others.

From this luxurious condominium, you can easily connect to other key places in Lapu-Lapu City. You can check neighboring tourist spots, play golf, or shop and dine at your leisure. Or you can simply explore at your own pace.

You can also drive and cross the bridge for more adventure across the island. It wouldn’t be so hard to traverse your way around since more than 70 percent of the 96.6 kilometers of Lapu-Lapu City’s roads are now cemented.

This is why, in our state of mind, we have reasons to believe that Lapu-Lapu the hero is beaming at us right now with a thumbs-up sign.

We’re in Lapu-Lapu City. We’re in the right place. Are you? You should be. You deserve to have the right address.

Come live, work, play, and learn by the beach, at One Pacific Residence within the security and excitement of The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City.

Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today and enjoy a 5% discount.

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