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condominium pool

Some families decide to go to a swimming pool outing to relax and bond, planning for this get-together for a week and calling up relatives to join and pitch in. When weekend comes, they are all packed up for the outing. Upon arriving at their destination, you can see their children racing for a slosh in the pool, mothers automatically setting food on the table and fathers, after serving as drivers, opting to rest or capture moments with a camera.

The excitement in the morning eventually drains as the sun starts to descend. You can hear the women subtly remarking among themselves with a hint of frustration about having to travel miles to get home. When your energy has already been spent at the pool, that is not an attractive picture to think about.

When families go play by the beach, the scenario is pretty much the same. We even wrote about it.

At One Pacific Residence, though, your family has the chance to live by the beach and play by the beach. Since this luxurious condominium development project of real estate giant Megaworld within The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City comes with a long list of recreational amenities, including a condominium pool, your family has the chance as well to spend bond and relax. After all, One Pacific Residence is designed to be your vacation home, everyday.

Say no to separation anxiety

This simply means that when you acquire a unit at One Pacific Residence, your family will not have to undergo through a separation anxiety when saying goodbye to a place because your bonding place is just a few steps away from your snugly corner of the condominium.

One of these bonding places—the perks of condo living—is the condominium pool deck lounge whose space is large enough for the following personal and family activities:

  • Dance. Yes, you read that right. Put your music player on and release your tension by dancing to the tune.
  • Get a tan. Put on lotion, lie on the chaise lounge and welcome the warmth of the sun.
  • Read a book. Find your space under a shade and open to read your latest book conquest.
  • Have quality conversations. Offer craft ideas or exchange cooking recipes or share carpentry tips with another person at the poolside table.
  • Look after your family. When you do not feel like doing the activities above, you can watch over your family members from your poolside chair, breathe in the contentment and simply relax.

When you invest on condo living and get a unit at One Pacific Residence, there is no need for you to pack your things again and drive a long way to home. There is also no need for you to get impatient over the cries of your children who are begging for a few more minutes of a pool dip. The condominium pool is just within your township and you can be assured of your family’s security and safety when you watch over them from the pool deck lounge.

Give your family a round-the-year vacation. Make One Pacific Residence your vacation home, everyday.

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