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Where can tourists have good local and international food with reasonable prices in Cebu, Philippines? Located 15 minutes drive from the Mactan International Airport, Newtown Al Fresco  is the next best dining stop for both locals and foreigners.


Hawkers  Sto. Nino Church across the Mactan Newtown|Condominium For Sale Cebu Philippines|The Mactan Newtown  Hawkers Gazebo in The Mactan Newtown

It is certainly not fine dining restaurants with air-conditioned dining ambience but provides a soothing sea breeze coming from the ocean. Just across Sto. Nino Church, The Mactan Newtown welcomes guests with different flavors to dine at the Newtown Al Fresco. Tourists just go directly to hawker centres where many kinds of food are offered to enjoy whatever you wish to have and experience true daily dining atmosphere of Cebuano/Filipino style.

The Mactan Newtown Developmental Map


Operating 2015, Newtown Al Fresco provides convenience to residential owners of 8 Newtown Boulevard, One Pacific Residence, One Manchester Place, students and guardians from the first De La Salle Supervised school, employees and guest of the hotels like Savoy Hotel and Belmonte Hotel to have different cuisines in one stop shop. Newtown Al Fresco has an open-air place where food stalls gathered to serve local food as well as international food, and is becoming Cebu symbol of eating place for anyone.

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