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Located along Newtown Boulevard, Civet Coffee soft-launched its second coffee shop last October 9, 2015. It is the first coffee shop that opens at The Mactan Newtown situated just beside 8 Newtown Boulevard, the first residential condominium project of the township.

The shop is owned by Kim, a Korean national who’s been a resident in Cebu for 14 years. She introduced her shop in the Philippines in 2012 with its main branch located at J-park Resort. Now three years after, she discovered another place to impart her luxury brand and expand her self-made venture. Together with her husband, Kim stayed in the country to manage the business and even roast the beans herself.

Apart from coffee drinks, they also sell Civet coffee beans, cakes, pastries, and coffee merchandises such as pen, coffee maker, coffee cups and more.

Civet Coffee opens from 8 AM to 5 PM located at the ground floor level of Manulife Tower.

The Bean Value

Civet coffee or “luxury coffee”, as what it’s also known for, comes from a significant process of picking out the bean ingredient from an animal’s excrement. The animal that causes this phenomenon is called Palm Civet. It is a small, cat-like specie locally known as Musang/Alamid and populates in the mountain areas all over the country particularly in deep and humid forests. It consumes coffee berries from the tree and leaves around its feces with beans undigested.  This process makes the coffee premium in its price and how it got the by-name “luxury coffee”.

Local bean pickers profit from these beans by selling them to coffee entrepreneurs or exporting to foreign investors. Among the buyers is the owner of Civet Coffee who visits these areas and buys the beans herself.

According to her, what makes her coffee different from the others is the minty taste that lingers in the mouth as one takes a sip. This residual taste is caused by the chemical used during the digestive process of Palm Civet that is blended into the coffee bean.  She is very keen on keeping this particular taste and keeps a tight schedule as to when she begins and stops roasting the beans. She explained that the essential taste gradually fades if the roasted beans are stored longer than usual.

What started as a hobby

Kim has been fascinated by coffee ever since she was still living in Korea.  She’s been to most coffee shops trying out what’s new and what’s best for her favorite coffee list. When she flew in to the Philippines, her quest to filling out that record did not stop.

When Kim found out that somewhere in the mountain province of Nueva Vizcaya, there resides a creature that might turn her self-interest into a livelihood, she immediately started planning on a business venture.

In 2012, Kim finally embarked on her coffee venture and put up her first coffee shop in Mactan, Cebu after discovering that Mactan Island has been a frequent destination for tourists. Both locals and tourists took interest in her coffee most especially “Japanese customers who’s been the regular patrons”, she said.

This year made her open up the second branch after coming across The Mactan Newtown project which also started catering and leasing spaces for commercial outlets and retail stores. Kim also shared that she looks forward to opening up another branch as soon as the township residential project nears its completion.

Civet Coffee

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