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Thick piles of paper taunting you from one corner of your office table or long email threads with subject lines in bold screaming to be answered… An unexpected call from your boss while you’re sipping vending machine coffee during one of your thank-God-for-15-minute breaks… Or a family emergency during your lunch break minutes away from a career-changing meeting…

Do some of these scenes ring a bell?

You see, they have a common denominator. They all emit stress at varying levels. If you don’t know how to pause and manage the stress, you might end up having a breakdown.

For this matter, we take seriously the physical and mental well-being of our homemakers like you at One Pacific Residence, one of Megaworld’s luxuriant projects at The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City. This partly explains the long list of recreational amenities available to you who come from different backgrounds.

Some of you are professionals, executives, expatriates and call center agents. Whatever your work background is, there is one common ground where you can take that much recommended pause and simply breathe away the stress.

One Pacific Residence has a Tai Chi Area dedicated to maintaining your posture and helping you feel better relaxed. It can also be used for yoga sessions. Many young people are gliding over to tai chi, in particular, as another activity to diversify their exercise menu.

Balance of self

Tai chi allows you to stretch the muscles that lie dormant due to inactivity yet throb with stress-triggered cramps. It slowly lets you accept that by engaging your body in movement, negative barriers in the muscles are taken down to let your positive energy flow from head to toe.

The energy flow is revitalizing; it can recharge you, like a phone battery, one bar after the other, slowly but surely.

The same positive flow can make you experience a sense of alertness and alignment. You acquire more bodily coordination and balance, which can contribute largely to rejuvenating your self-confidence, which you’ll need to face another day at work.

Tai chi is also recommended as preventive medicine since the inner and physical coordination earned from the sessions can lessen mishaps. It is also recommended as a way to restore your health after an injury or illness for it can relieve pain and symptoms and, in the process, speed up recovery.

You can also check out the Aqua Gym Pool of One Pacific Residence as another facility for your injury rehabilitation.

Stress relief

Rushing things intensifies the stress you are experiencing. For a moment, stand up and bring your feet together. Extend one foot to a side, rock forward and push arms from your chest slowly in circular motion.

This basic movement in tai chi is quite symbolic, as if you are pushing your worries and stress away and gaining back something positive in return. We can be sure, though, that tai chi and its slow movements are clear reminders for you that it is okay to take things slowly.

By relieving stress, you are increasing your physical defense against certain conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Part of the defense that Tai chi can do for you is the strengthening of your immune system and enhancing your emotional and mental shields against stress hormones.

Tai chi, therefore, makes you feel better at the start and end of the day.

At One Pacific Residence, you are guaranteed to wake up in the morning, and bring your day to a close better than yesterday, everyday.

Live a life away from stress. Make your home at One Pacific Residence.

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