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The boat design during FBW2016 is the Oz Goose designed by Michael Storer. The boat is known for ease to build and suitability as a sail

Overall cost is surprisingly affordable, organizers say

A group of sailboat hobbyists will open its “outdoors” to Cebuanos over the 3-day labor day weekend in a bid to excite more Filipinos to take advantage of the country’s natural environment for sailing and boatbuilding.

The event, dubbed as the Family Boatbuilding Labor Day Weekend (FBW2016), is organized by the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club (PHBYC) along with Hyde Sails, the world-renowned maker of sails for the international market and real estate giant Megaworld.

The PHBYC have spent nearly a decade transferring their knowledge and skills to get families and friends to team up, build their own sailboat at internationally recognized standards and learn to sail this over the course of one weekend.

Roy Espiritu, PHBYC lead organizer said that Cebu, particularly at the beach of Megaworld’s The Mactan Newtown, is actually one of the most ideal places to reintroduce sailing and boatbuilding to Filipinos, given its history of seafaring and love for the sea.

“Sailing is a big thing in many parts of the world, a recreational sport or activity that gives one that rare luxury of the sea, wind and nature,” he said.

PHBYC ‘s vision of making sailing affordable has successfully won over both local and foreigner residents who have been awakened to the unbelievable joys of creating a team with friends or family to build a boat to standard and then actually sail it on the third day.

“We’ve changed the wrong mindset that sailing is expensive and is only for the rich. In fact, in our workshop, your boat will only cost less than what you would pay for a smart phone,” Espiritu said.

For FBW2016, the PHBYC and Hyde Sails are preparing sailboat kits built with locally available materials such as Santa Rosa Marine Plywood and Pioneer Marine Epoxy of an easy to build sailboat design that the small groups and families participating in the event will assemble in less than three days.

At the end of the event, the watercraft will be sailed on the waters off The Mactan Newtown located at the 11.5-hectare beachfront property formerly known as Portofino Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu.

The Mactan Newtown is Megaworld’s 30-hectare integrated urban township with a beach. It will be the first and largest premier tourist destination and IT cyberpark in Mcatan, Cebu. It will soon have its own malls, office towers, residential condominiums, world-class hotels, a school, beach club and sports facilities.

The event will happen on 29 April to 1 May 2016, For more information about the event you can visit PHBYC’s facebook page or visit To know more about Megaworld visit

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