The Mactan Newtown

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The-Mactan-Newtown-Family-Boat-Building-Weekend-2016Five out of ten boats are on its way to sailing the oceans of Newtown Beach.

Ten groups of families and friends packed their building tools and joined the Family Boatbuilding and Sailing Labor Day Weekend at Newtown Beach held last April 29 to May 1, 2016.

The Mactan Newtown, Megaworld’s first Cebu project, introduced sailing as a new leisure activity in Cebu starting this summer. Two major event partners Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club (PHBYC) and Hyde Sails Cebu Inc., an international world-renowned sail maker, invited all sailing enthusiasts in Cebu for a 3-day recreational activity of building and sailing their own boats.

“The advocacy of this event is not just to promote the interest in sailing as a hobby, but also to promote the value of quality time in families. The family is a foundation that breathes life into the vision of The Mactan Newtown, and supporting this event also means supporting the importance of it,” said Noli D. Hernandez, President of Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc.

The-Mactan-Newtown-Family -Boatbuilding-Weekend-2016One family shared labor with their enthusiastic kids during boat building.

On the first two days of the activity, participants were introduced to a professional boat maker, Michael Storer, who provided the boat kits and made the demonstration on how to properly and efficiently build the boat. Storer designs the boat called Oz Goose and is known for ease in building and suitability in sailing.  The groups then started constructing their respective boats with the help of the technical guides.

The-Mactan-Newtown-Family-Boatbuilding-Weekend-2016-3Proficient guides from Hyde Sails mounting their sail unto the mast for final touches.

After the boats were built, participants were given Free Basic Sailing Course from a proficient guidance of Paolo Viloria, a Certified International Surf Lifeguard and founder of Team Viloria Yacht Racing. Viloria is also a prominent sailor who competed in several international sailing competitions and other local regattas. One of the participants, Habagat Outdoor Equipment, also supported the safety sailing welfare and provided personal floating devices (PFD) for the participants.

Roy Espiritu, PHBYC lead organizer said that, “The Visayas is such a lovely place to sail, with so many lovely destinations and year-round sailing weather, building your own sailboat in the Visayas and using it just makes sense. [The] materials needed to build a sailboat are readily available and frankly, you can build your own sailboat for less than the price of an iPhone!”

The-Mactan-Newtown-Family-Boatbuilding-Weekend-2016-4Sailboats onset to sailing.

When asked about the experience of sailing the boats, Ian Flanders from Hyde Sails said, “The experience of sailing is really just about being peaceful and calm. You go out to sail to relax and have a nice enjoyable day out. This is purely leisure sailing.”

Participants were able to sail the boats from the coast of The Mactan Newtown to as far as the Olango Island. Among the participants and sponsors are Blood Red group, Taal Lake Yacht Club, Santa Rosa Marine Plywood, La Nostra Pizzeria, Polymer Products Philippines, Axent Wood, Pioneer Epoxy, Big Pix, Axson Technology, Monsoon Marine, Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply, Active Boating and Watersports, and Broadwater Marine.

The Mactan Newtown, PHBYC and Hyde Sails Cebu Inc. are establishing a sailing community in Cebu and are planning to have a monthly skills training and mini regattas for boat sailing starting this June.

For more Newtown Beach sailing updates, you may contact the organizers through 0917-770-7778 or you may join them on Facebook group page the Cebu Newtown Sailing Club (Unofficial) and see their latest activities. 

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