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condo living

When you want to get to the city as easily as possible or you want to be surrounded with important destinations that support your lifestyle, such as a beach, a church or a mall, you might want to seriously consider condo living.

With condo living, especially at One Pacific Residence, your monotonous schedule will be rhythmically cut by a menu of external facilities and internal recreational amenities that are more than enough to fill your one week’s itinerary. Hence, your life will be twice as exciting as when you stay in a simple neighbourhood where houses are cuddled in uneasy comradeship.

One Pacific Residence, a luxurious development project by Megaworld inside lavishly-designed The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, offers you the comfort, luxury and convenience of condo living.

The important questions now are: What exactly is condo living? What does it entail?

Luxury of views

The units at One Pacific Residence, for instance, have windows and balconies. This means you are treated to great views of the surrounding neighborhoods, sea, sky and mountains. When the flood of mellow December sunlight through the bright curtain-fringed windows warm you up to open your eyes to a good sunny day, you can bring a cup of coffee to the balcony to breathe in the air that is reminiscent of the sea. And no matter how bitter the dregs of your coffee may be, a great view, fresh air and right temperature are oftentimes more than enough to start your day right.

Luxury of amenities

When you become rattled by the reality that you are spending more time at work and at the dining table, drinking coffee and eating more than you should, take comfort in the fact that most condominiums, especially One Pacific Residence, wants you to be healthy. To support your healthy lifestyle, One Pacific Residence builds the following:

These are just a tip of the list of recreational amenities you can find in the branching byways of One Pacific Residence. Beyond these facilities, a resident at One Pacific Residence can also access these external areas:

So if you are looking for easy access to such facilities that will surely get you in the right physical, emotional and mental state of health, then condo living is right for you.

Luxury of peace of mind

This is perhaps the most important factor when one considers buying a condo unit. Is the security strong and sound? Are the facilities sturdy?

Condo living essentially gives you peace of mind. You will not have to worry over car parking and security with the presence of lobby guards and CCTV cameras in the common areas. You can also lock and go without worrying whether your door is well-fitted or your windows are not easily accessible by burglars.

The peace of mind also extends beyond the calm-colored walls of your condo and within the township that is The Mactan Newtown. You will not see annoying cars belching out plumes of black smoke. When you are working inside the township, you will not be harassed by heavy traffic.

At the end of the day, when the evening star comes quietly, you can sleep peacefully nestled with your blankets and pillows.

Choose condo living today. Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence.

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