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condo living

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to wrap and unwrap gifts with love and fill the air with hopes and cheers, it is also the best time of the year to give yourself the gift of a lifetime.

What gift would that be? A condo unit.

It is the kind of gift you have been dreaming and thinking about since the day you saw a tall building rise in your neighborhood like a giant mushroom jutting out of a lot that used to be a deep-rutted, grassy piece of land bordered with dilapidated wooden fence. This is a home you can call your own, a sanctuary away from hustle and bustle of the city.

Why a condo? Simply because you deserve it.

When you gift yourself with a condo, especially a unit at One Pacific Residence, you don’t have to imagine anymore what it is like to wake up to the ocean breeze caressing your cheeks, how it is like to feel your ears tickled by the sound of the waves outside your window or how it is like to see the sky transform into a masterpiece during sunsets.

When you buy yourself a condo unit as a Christmas gift for yourself, all of these priceless luxuries are in store for you. In fact, a lot more are waiting for you at One Pacific Residence, the luxurious condo project of Megaworld in The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, which is designed to support your healthy and active lifestyle.

Here are more reasons a condo is the best Christmas gift for yourself:

The value of a condo does not diminish over time

Buying yourself a condo this Christmas is a worthy investment. Not just because it is worth a thousand flowers and chocolates, but also because you could consider it your home, a place of your convenience and security.

When you invest a condo unit at One Pacific Residence, you receive the same amount of care and love through the assuring security and luxurious and world-class amenities located within the development.

A condo is affordable and investor-friendly. You also have the option to rent your unit to other occupants or sell it under a favorable market; either way, you will be able to earn.

Condo living teaches you to be responsible and independent

After graduation and when you land a job, your dependency on your parents is over. This means pulling yourself together to learn to adapt and be responsible. The independence starts with letting go of your parent’s house and moving on to your very own condominium unit. A condo unit can be your abode where you can roll in your bed and bask in the mellow December sunlight through your glass windows.

Here, you will be your boat’s captain. Even though independence gives you the luxury to just do whatever you want to do, it also teaches you to be responsible with your actions and decisions.

You will value every cent you spend, every ounce of food on your plate, every drop of water and every watt of electricity you consume in your condo home.

With you having your freedom and space, you are given the privilege to maneuver your life. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there will always be lessons that come along with it. These lessons will mold you into a better person.

A condo provides more places to create more memories

We cannot emphasize enough how a condo is an ideal gift of a lifetime, how great a gift it is for all ages and how it is designed well to provide you with everything you need.

At One Pacific Residence, for instance, you have more venues to create memories with new acquaintances, neighbors, parents, siblings and old friends. You can join your folks at the aqua gym pool, enjoy a good game at the tennis court with the boy next door, exchange banter at the climbing wall with an old friend, or have a quiet jog with a sibling down the jogging path.

So how’s this for a Christmas gift? Reserve a condo unit at One Pacific Residence today as the first step to acquiring the perfect Christmas gift for yourself!

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