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Many beautiful things do not come for free, but the perks they provide are…and they’re priceless, too. The sunken lounge at One Pacific Residence is like that.

When you miss the moments the sun sets down and splashes mixed colors of violet, orange, yellow and gray across the canvas of a sky because you are still sitting in your hard-backed office chair, staring at the glaring monitor, take a deep breath and pat yourself. You have worked hard enough.

If you have secured a comfortable corner at One Pacific Residence, then you are secure, too, with the amenities built in this Megaworld’s high-rise luxurious development project in The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City to beef up your condo living with relaxation and comfort.

One of these amenities is the sunken lounge. So, turn off the office computer and grab your coat. Don’t give in to the aroma of instant coffee whose meaning for you has become synonymous with overtime and one or two lighted work stations on the entire office floor past 7 p.m. Go home, to your condo living, to embrace the dolce far niente the prepped up sunken lounge can easily make you do.

There may be work days when your friends invite you for a drink and a little party. But when you’re beat from the day’s load, consider the sunken lounge as a welcome respite that is beckoning you to simply go home and recharge comfortably for another day of endless sitting, paper tossing and headache-inducing emailing.

Because you deserve a break, Megaworld designed a sunken lounge at One Pacific Residence dedicated to be your own haven where you can simply sit back, stargaze at night, watch the beach and the sunset, and relax.

We created it for you for more special reasons, too:

Get away from the noise of the Metropolis

When you don’t feel like to going to parties at night, you can always count on the sunken lounge. This is the best place where you can rest your aching muscles after a long tiring day.

You can sink on the couch full of fluffy pillows, nap peacefully and start dreaming without being interrupted by the noise of the Metropolis.

You can also have your late-night coffee to calm your senses. Nothing feels better than a cup of coffee and a nice view.

It boils down to having quality time for yourself.

Spark little conversations while you rest

Instead of going to late-night parties, why not sink down into your very own fluffy couch while having a memorable quality conversation with another person?

This is way better than going out to noisy parties.

At the sunken lounge, the fashionable “conversation pit” of your condo living, you can exchange ideas with your friends or workmates or neighbors over brewed coffee or tea on topics that can range from work to philosophy.

Sharing your experiences of the day can help you relieve stress. In fact, by eliminating your negative vibes and replacing them with positive thoughts while being surrounded by great people and beautiful views can, in a good way, potentially affect your lifestyle and, ultimately, your health.

When you reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today, you will enjoy a 5% discount and, pretty soon, a sunken lounge.

(This promo is valid only until Nov. 15, 2015.)

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