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call center in Lapu-Lapu City

Telephones are ringing and busy people are buzzing like bees with their headsets on. Sounds like another typical day for you at your call center company.


You look outside your glass window and see trees swaying lightly with the wind and the sea projecting its spledor. Seems like your day is not typical after all.

Don’t you want your every working day like this? Who doesn’t, right?

Business processing outsourcing companies in The Mactan Newtown, a township development in Lapu-Lapu City by Megaworld, the country’s first and largest developer of integrated urban townships, are no mere call centers within a busy business hub. They are call centers located by the beach. Thus, call center agents in Lapu-Lapu are working by the beach.

Here is how cool this set-up is:

Working by the beach helps rejuvenate your mind and body

Research shows that the sound of the waves soothes the brain, which usually results to putting your brain into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxing this way helps you rejuvenate your mind and body, making you more motivated to be productive every day.

You can also try floating in water, as a way of having fun at the beach. It diverts blood around the lower limbs and pumped towards the abdominal, the part near the heart.

Experts say that fresh blood being pumped around the body brings more oxygen to the brain which makes you more alert and active, which means you don’t have to be inspired for you to be productive. The view of the beach is already enough.

Working by the beach reduces stress

Working by the beach doesn’t just help you rejuvenate your mind and body; it also relieves stress. The seaside environment is said to be good for your health as it encourages physical activity. Thus, you will be more motivated to go to work everyday.

Working by the beach puts your mind at ease

At The Mactan Newtown, whenever you’re stressed out, the beach is just steps away. After your working hours or during break, you can go to the beach and enjoy the peaceful scenery. It can help you think clearly and be more productive when you get back to work.

The fresh air is good for you

Exhale and exhale the fresh air and it will take you to places away from your stressful life. Studies suggest that unlike in the cities, continuous breezes keep the air quality in check, and once you take a deep breath of this fresh air, you will feel its invigorating qualities. That’s because ocean air is charged with negative ions, which actually helps you absorb more oxygen from the air.

Working by the beach lessens your risk of having illnesses

Pollution is one of the leading causes of developing an illness. The air you inhale affects your health. Studies note that long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer and other serious diseases. It is a threat, but when you work by the beach, pollution is never going to be a problem.

Working by the beach will never get you bored

There are actually a lot of things you can do and try in the beach.  After your work, you can walk a little around the beach, feel the breeze in your face, watch the kids play, sit in the corner and watch the sunset.

Our suggestion now is to extend your beachside experience and live near your work, at One Pacific Residence within The Mactan Newtown.

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