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In the past, we recommended a set of laidback activities you can do by the beach—a swim, a walk, a chase. You can sum them up as beach therapy activities. For us, we take the phrase to a new different level, the one that comes in the form of fun yet not-your-everyday-kind-of-thing to do.

We agree when some unknown source creatively described the beach as the “best escape anyone can have”. Essentially, this is beach therapy. Many young people clamor for it. Many busy people search for it. Many families do not want to leave it.

This led us to wonder with awe at the connection between man and sea. This prompted us to make this short list of fun activities you can do by the beach “to escape” and come back to land renewed.


Let the breathtaking view of the beach from above calm your senses. Imagine being whisked into the sky while strapped to a seat under the umbrella of a colorful parachute.

Parasailing is a popular activity where you can have a glimpse of the beautiful shoreline of the white beach while being pulled by a boat. It is an exciting activity for adventure seekers who love heights and wants a bird’s eye view of paradise.

Jet ski

What’s a beach experience without the jet ski? After a simple turn of the key, you will love the sensation of speed as you zoom across the water, and as your confidence builds up, you can do sliding turns and cutting lines around buoys like there’s no tomorrow. You can drive around the beach and do sightseeing. You will definitely appreciate the beauty of the beach more.

Banana boat

Let the thrill and fun with your family and friends relieve your stress and revive your energy. The banana can accommodate more than five people from ages five to 60. Thus, this activity is best for you and your family and friends to bond.

This allows you to ride on a huge inflated banana-like boat while being pulled by a speed boat. You will definitely have the time of your life.


The beach fun will not be complete without trying your hand at surfing. Surfing is another must-try water sport in which the wave rider, or surfer, rides on a board. The waves keep the board moving. Ride the waves and splash away your stress.


If you are into extreme rides, then wakeboarding is best for you to simply have fun. Just like surfing, wakeboarding is a sport that uses a wide board. In wakeboarding, though, you are towed by a motorboat.

This may be a bit nerve-racking for first-timers but after every try is a climb of the confidence and skill level. The best time to learn is now.

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