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You may see a long steel tube of a shower among the recreational amenities of One Pacific Residence in your township when you go to your cozy corner of the world.

This standalone outdoor shower may look out of place when you see it as an individual structure, but not so when you view it as a fitting companion to the enticing 20-meter lap pool or of the charming aqua gym pool.

In itself, though, the outdoor shower poses as a valuable recreational facility with many health benefits, especially for the hardworking residents at Megaworld’s One Pacific Residence.

You see, when you work hard and way beyond the needed eight hours in a day, stress takes a toll on your body. Usually, the outcome is a double-edged sword—while you are satisfied with well-executed tasks, your body acquires cramps from sitting too long on your hard-back office chair.

While going for a drink with officemates after work to relieve stress may be a preferred option for some, we at Megaworld encourage you, as part of the healthy lifestyle we are advocating for, to come home to your unit at One Pacific Residence and take advantage of the outdoor shower we designed especially for you.

Hot or cold?

Whether you turn the shower to hot or cold mode, the benefits still come at varying degrees. For instance, a hot shower, which pretty much acts as your personal masseuse for your shoulders, neck and back, is your relief from tension and stiff muscles. In the same manner, a hot shower can moisturize nasal passages and relieve cold symptoms. It can also help bring your temperature back to normal when you are suffering from a fever.

On the other hand, a cold shower—yes, you read that right—is also advantageous to your health. The coldness of the water can be horrifying if you think about it. But when you go through it, the shock that your body will experience from the contact with the coldness can increase your alertness system. In the process, the deep breathing you do can increase your overall oxygen intake and energy. Cold water can also moisturize your hair and skin.

Indeed, there is no greater feeling than coming home and going away, for the meantime, from all the roaring noise of the city, and just being in the condo outdoor shower where you can be one with nature as you bathe your stress away.

Easily accessible

What is more relieving is that when you secure a unit at the One Pacific Residence, one of the luxurious condominium projects of the Megaworld at The Mactan Newtown in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu, you can have the condo outdoor shower area whenever you want it.

When your energy is drained and you can’t seem to have the extra energy to go to the pool or the beach, the condo shower outdoor area got your back.

Recharge your draining energy and calm your senses while standing under the soothing stream of lukewarm water coming from the shower. Even just 10 minutes of pure bliss will do much to reinvigorate you.

Let the steamy water kiss your joint pains away. The soothing feeling of the water massaging your aching muscles is simply priceless.

When you reserve one of the sought-after units of One Pacific Residence today, start looking forward to using this condo outdoor shower area in the near future.

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