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Seeing a swimmer conquering the lengths of a pool back and forth can evoke several impressions that are not all good especially if you are an occasional exercise detractor.

One, while you aware about the long list of health benefits when it comes to exercising in water, swimming lengths can be repetitive, if not dull. Two, when you think of pools, families getting together for a fun splash comes to mind. A serious exercise session is nowhere in the picture.

When you live by the beach, particularly at One Pacific Residence inside Megaworld’s The Mactan Newtown, you get the best of both fun and muscle work. The luxurious condominium buildings feature an aqua gym pool among its incredible line of recreational amenities for investors with active lifestyle like you.

When you are caught in between wanting a pool dip and a gym sesh, an aqua gym pool is the easiest decision to make. Is an aqua gym pool any good?

Weight loss

Picture a treadmill — a regular sight inside a gym — in a pool. That’s one of the many forms of aqua fitness workouts that have been making waves recently.

The setting, obviously, is what sets an aqua gym pool apart. The water element is also what makes it more unique. Water is about 800 times denser than air; this in itself prompts you to put in more effort and apply more energy to move about and exercise in a pool. As a result, more of your calories will be burned.

Swimming can already burn approximately 200 calories in half an hour. Jogging in water can help you lose about 11.5 calories per minute, which is far greater than the eight calories lost from jogging on land. If you maintain a routine of having an aqua gym pool workout three to four times a week, you can eliminate more calories and lose weight in the process.

Stress relief

What’s with water? A shower is often the preferred countermeasure against stress built up after a long day at work.

An alternative would be to make your body feel better through water-based low impact exercise. By letting the calm caress of the pool take away your stress, the movement of water against your body, especially when it is warmer, can be your natural masseuse.

You can open yourself up to doing deep-water running and simple aerobics in an aqua gym pool. In the process, water and its natural properties can decrease any of your body pains and tensions.

Injury rehab

Being one with water is more about getting an incredibly good body massage. Since a person only needs to support about 10% of their actual body weight in water, movement in the aqua gym pool means less chances of getting injured.

In the event you sustain an out-of-water injury, exercising in water promotes faster healing of injured tissues. It is said that the water’s buoyancy allows you to perform exercises without straining your body. At the same time, it can improve flexibility and build up muscle strength.

So, to simply answer the question, yes, an aqua gym pool is good. In fact, it is better than good. It is great for you!

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