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Secrets are just waiting to be discovered. Your senses have to be open to them.

The scent of lemon pepper that enhances the aroma of your smokin’ kebab can give you a taste of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. The colorful sight of sushi can make you sigh in appreciation as pictures of gracefully swaying cherry blossom branches in Japan come to mind. The lingering taste of Bolognese pasta on your tongue can make you think of the motley houses along the coastal area of Cinque Terre in Italy.

You, like every other person who loves to eat, have that certain craving for that meal to complete your day.

Hitting your satisfaction meter is easy enough at One Pacific Residence, one of the luxurious homes developed by Megaworld inside The Mactan Newtown. The variety of dishes you can create at its Culinary Station can give you access to your own well-balanced meal and access to glimpses into other places through their cuisine.

Passion for food

The Culinary Station is synonymous to an open kitchen. By this, we mean it is an exclusive luxury to the residents of One Pacific Residence. We also mean it is open to exciting opportunities for you, especially if you love to cook and eat. It can also be a hideout for professionals who want to relieve their stress with healthy food.

It does not operate like an ordinary restaurant where you are given a menu, place your order and wait for your meal. Here, you are able to pick the ingredients and prepare your own meal. You do not just satisfy your cravings; you also learn from the masters.

There are chefs at the Culinary Station, too, so you get to learn how to prepare dishes unique to Cebu, to the Philippines and to the rest of the world.

Travelling by eating

When you are halfway through a workday afternoon and you want to eat barbecue with neighbors for dinner or sip ramen with your family to ward off the tingling chill of a rainy day, the Culinary Station at One Pacific Residence is the ideal go-to place to gratify your palate.

For an overseas Filipino worker on vacation or fresh from finishing a job contract, or an active traveller who has sampled a variety of food or a retiree simply wondering if meatballs from Europe are any different from the meatballs in the Philippines, the cravings for the not-often-found-on-the-dinner-table easily come.

You can conjure dish wishes and make them come true at the Culinary Station. No need to pay for plane tickets.

Every spoonful is a step toward sharing a common experience with others who could also be eating the same food you are having. At home, food is the common bonding among family and friends; hence, it is best shared with others over great talks and spontaneous laughter.

Feel that great excitement by experimenting with new ingredients together at their culinary station, which is an open kitchen. There are chefs at every station too, so one gets to learn how to prepare dishes from around the world.

It’s not like any ordinary restaurant when you’re just provided with a list of menu to choose on. Here, you are able to pick the ingredients and prepare your own meal. You do not just satisfy your cravings — you also learn from the masters.

So, when you feel like going out for a barbecue party yet your peers or family members would love to go to a Japanese restaurant, at One Pacific Residence’s culinary station, you still get what you want at the same time, you are able to eat your meals together and have one good dinner which could be added to your journal of good times.

Out with the usual and in with the new. It is about time that you give your taste buds a new buddy with the exciting and extraordinary taste of new dishes. Treat yourself to a hearty surprise for your three meals a day.

A lot of good things await you at One Pacific Residence. So be at One Pacific Residence and get access to your own healthy meals.

Reserve a unit at One Pacific Residence today and enjoy a 5% discount.

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