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Doing your chores can be made more manageable if you have the right tools for the job. More than a broom for sweeping or a brush for taking out those tough and stubborn stains, apps on your mobile phone can cross off tasks on your to-do list in more ways than you can imagine. Here are a few that you should consider downloading:


Pinterest lets you create “bulletin boards” where you can “pin” or save links or images of interest. There’s a wealth of household hacks that you can simply search for. Download the app and find more efficient ways to accomplish your household chores with easy inspiration and crucial tips from the creative minds of your Pinterest community

ASUS Clock

Unlike your default clock application, ASUS Clock has several customizable widgets that give you easy access to alarm clocks, stop watches, and timers, all from the convenience of your home screen! Keeping track of household chores will never be this easy ever again.


Easy Voice Recorder

For those instances when you just need a quick personal voice reminder of important stuff you need done, there’s Easy Voice Recorder. This app has a widget that you can access from your home screen, making recording as easy as pressing a button. After all, who better to remind you about stuff than you?


You need to do a lot of stuff – we know. That’s why there’s Month: an app that syncs with your Google Calendar to keep track of all chores and activities your need to accomplish within a 30 day period. Month is easily accessible from your home screen through widgets with customizable and sharp designs.

Google Keep 

Google Keep will keep everything you need to remember in order to get things done. Need a note? Make one. Want to keep a checklist? Draft yours and each item out one by one. Do you want to attach a voice memo or photograph with your notes? This Android and iOS app allows you to do that and so much more.

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